Statement Earrings - Sunset colours

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Statement Earrings are sold individually. Why is it that earrings always match?
Why should they? Would you wear a ring on your right hand and then the exact same one on your left? I know i wouldn't. Which is why our Earrings are sold individually.

A statement earring can TOTALLY be worn on its own, the beauty is though you can choose two - Creating your own unique pair. - writing your own story for only YOU to love.
No-one else will have a pair the same.
All earrings Handmade from our Geraldton Workshop.

A sunset. The colours. Proof that even when you think you have had the worst possible day. There is still a chance it can end beautifully.  The perfect colour contrast. Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Howlite and clear Quartz. Beautiful just like the sky and just like you. Hanging at approximately 10cm - sterling silver and natural gemstones.