Statement Earring (double dare)
Statement Earring (double dare)

Statement Earring (double dare)

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Why is it that earrings always match?
Why should they? Would you wear a ring on your right hand and then the exact same one on your left? I know i wouldn't. Which is why our Earrings are sold individually.

A statement earring can TOTALLY be worn on its own, the beauty is though you can choose two - Creating your own unique pair. - writing your own story for only YOU to love. No-one else will have a pair the same.
All earrings Handmade from our Geraldton Workshop.

Double Dare  - Two crystal, way better than one. Try it out, double dare you. Turquoise and Clear Quartz Crystal Completely Handmade Statement Earring. Measures approximately 70mm in length. 

Link to Lah Crystal Drop


please note, made to order. Please allow extra time to handmade your piece. Statement earring will also be slightly different as each one is unique.