Opposites attract

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"She is kind, heart made of honey.
He is reserved, the opposite of sunny.
No one would ever think they would be together.
But they are the moon and sun for each other"
- Heavensanar.

The opposites attract Ring. Completely Handmade from Sterling Silver. Featuring a 12mm Australian South Sea Island Pearl, which is in a sterling silver Bezel. The band measures approximately 11mm in width. Solid White opal is bezel set in 18k yellow gold (the sun) and on the other side of the pearl amongst the carved night sky you will find 9k rose gold detailing.  Ring size = Q1/2 .. ((with complimentary ring sizing if required))

Representing perfectly the magic beauty thats created when opposites attract. 

This is a one off unique handmade piece. aka - there will never be another exactly the same. 
Making it the perfect gift to yourself or your someone.