Little Human Wraps.

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Wrapped as an anklet >> Grow as a bracelet 👧🏼 💛

Wraps can range from 11cm in length to 18cm. Ending with a sterling silver chain makes the wrap adjustable as she/he grows. Each wrap is completely unique although each includes the following gemstones. Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Fresh water pearl, aquamarine, chrysophrase, carnelian and jade. All gems helpful to your 'little humans' precious life. 

Sterling silver Clasps and detailing with Natural Gemstones, strung on light leather. (1.8mm round lacing) You have two sizes to choose from .. (10cm - 14cm) or (13cm - 17cm)

Please note >> No two stones are exactly the same. The vary slightly in size, shape and colour. So please be aware that wraps may vary slightly from pictures shown. 
It will be Unique and expecially made just for you.