LAH Ear Cuff

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The LAH EarCuff.
For those 'monday' kind of days. The days you need a little extra funk in your step, or to help find your mojo. Worn on the ear how ever you see fit
(but we like to cuff it half way up). 

The perfect touch to your existing ear jewels. 
NO PIERCING NEEDED. (our mums will be happy)
The cuff has no gender and can be worn as a her or a him. 

please note... the cuff pictured is an example only and not the exact cuff you will recieve  Each cuff is individually handmade. Each cuff being unique to the owner. There for no two will be the same. 
Approx weight (in sterling silver) is 1.9grams - 6mm wide - 10mm diameter.

WHEN ORDERING THE GOLD CUFF >>> Please leave us a note at the checkout as to what colour gold you are wanting. Yellow, Rose or white gold are your options.