Charismatic Ring

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Charisma - (noun) a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. Charisma is often said to be a mysterious ineffable quality—you either have it or don't have it.   


A completely handmade ring, like no other. It’s as as unique as you or I. There is a special someone, somewhere whom charisma is destained for. Is that someone you? 

Featuring a 'Near Round' 9.5mm B+ Abrolhos Island Pearl. The gorgeous lustre & the purple hues are a DAM DELIGHTFUL contrast against the 18k yellow gold surround. There is also a touch of rose gold, with the ring predominately in sterling silver.  Ring size is N 1/2 (inside diameter of 17.4mm) 
Total weight of this beauty comes in at approximately 8.5gms 


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