LAHCINTA . (lah-sin-ta) The Meaning. 

'Lah' - Our Initials. 'cinta' the Indonesian word for Love.  

Completed her Jewellery Manufacture apprenticeship in 2010. Needing an Adventure, packed up and moved to Melbourne to see where it would take her. Whilst living there, she was most impressed by the work of the local Graffiti artists. Discovering that their expression through colours and shapes gave meaning to their art form, there were stories behind the pictures. It was here the inspiration began..

'A sparkling ring is lovely, but if it hasn’t been loved, if there is no history then what is its meaning? Jewellery should tell a story! Creating pieces filled with secrets, memories and meanings forged in metal and set in stone is what I love to do.' Lauren Herbert.

Where possible - all jewellery is completely handmade in our Workshop, which is located in Geraldton Western Australia.  Custom designed Jewellery - Let your imagination be your only limit. 

Crystal Jewellery to an Engagement rings. Precious Metals and Gemstones .

Handmade just for - Creating 'Your Lahcinta Story'. #storieddesign

Everybody is unique in their own special way. So as to, should be their jewellery.

Lahcinta | Jewellery & Design