Good Vibes ROSIE x 3

Good Vibes ROSIE x 3

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Her name means so many things to so man people but to her it doesn't mean much. She's talented, yet lacks self-confidence. She's so strong and impacts the lives of everyone that she walks into. She's a kind, accepting, understanding, non-judgmental human being. She's also incredibly hilarious and sarcastic. She's always very grateful and appreciative for nice and kind people. 
She's realistic, but sensitive. She's brave and She's fearless. She absolutely beautiful. A Beauty like no other as her looks have never seen. 

Handmade with nothing but plaited positive power and lots of love. 
Your mind MUST be consumed with GOOD VIBES ONLY - nothing else enters your thoughts. Except on the days we need a little extra, the days we need to be 'Rosie' 

Clear Quartz. Metallic rose gold Leather hanging at approximately 70cm in length 
With 3 Clear Quartz Crystals hanging front and centre. 

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